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Meet the Creators of Shopify Store Pro and Ecomisoft

About Matt Stefanik

The Lifestyle Architect™, Matt Stefanik is a marketing expert, consultant, and speaker having spoken and discussed top-level marketing strategies at various events around the world, such as London, Tokyo, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Cozumel, & Montreal. He is a life-long entrepreneur that has been self-employed for more 14 years in the fields of private real estate investing and online marketing.  Matt is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

About Nick Fielding

Nick Fielding is an e-commerce expert having created a thriving Shopify business in under 7 months. His success is largely due to his innovative and creative marketing strategies he has developed over years of trial and error. His $54,000 single shirt case study is one reason others refer to Nick as "The Shopify Store Pro."  Nick is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur, tech geek, Kung Fu expert & loves cooking Oriental food.

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