Ability to offer “post” purchase upsell offers to those that have already made a purchase


Ability to offer a “downsell” offer to customers that pass on your upsell offer


Ability to completely customize your upsell/cross-sell offer pages.

Compare At $29.95 / month – $37 / month



Finally, an easy-to-use, completely customizable one-click upsell app for savvy Shopify store owners that flat out works!

The book, “Marketing Metrics” says, “The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.”

With this in mind it only makes sense to offer more products to your existing customers than to those who have yet to actually make a purchase.

And…Research from Forrester reveals that upsells and cross-sells are responsible for more than 30% of e-commerce revenue.*

Therefore, your sales conversions on “post-purchase” upsell offers will most likely always out-perform upsell and cross-sell offers that are shown to your visitors “pre-purchase” while on your product pages or in their shopping carts.

The problem?

Previously you could only do the latter.

Now, with the “One-Up Sells” app by Ecomisoft, you can offer one-click cross-sells and upsells to all of your customers, on as many products as you want, with completely customizable standalone, post-purchase offer pages. You can even embed custom videos and have them auto-play!

The difference between “one-click” upsells and regular upsells is that the additional products don't have to be added to the cart with your customer going through the standard check-out process. Once they click the button to “add it to their order,” they've bought it. No additional steps necessary!

Plus, you can also show a “downsell” to your customers who decline your first offer (e.g. the same product but a cheaper price).

Also, for those customers who reach your upsell offer pages and don't buy, those customer's emails get stored in our “abandoned carts” section, where you can send them an abandoned cart email sequence through Klaviyo (Note: Klaviyo is a separate email marketing app that we highly recommend).

Plus, as with ALL of Ecomisoft’s apps, you can install One-Up Sells on up to 3 different stores!

If you want to start increasing your average order value per customer, generating more overall revenue, and
showing post-purchase upsell offers to your existing customers instead of pre-purchase upsells to your potential customers, then you must
get the “One-Up Sells” app by Ecomisoft.

To get the One-Up Sells app for up to 3 of your Shopify stores, Start your 7 day free trial NOW!

More Than Just Apps

18 Powerful Shopify Apps (and Counting)+ Killer Training + Monthly Webinars + Live Workshops + Solid Support = Your Shopify Success Dream Team.

Install on 3 Stores

No more double and triple billing for using apps on multiple stores you run. With Ecomisoft, you can test and install any of our apps on up to 3 different stores! Now, you won’t have to spend another second worrying about all the different apps you’re using across all of your stores. Ecomisoft makes it easy.

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Instead of paying multiple companies at different times of the month and trying to keep track of it all, Ecomisoft’s bundles give you peace of mind of having one low monthly fee, so you’ll be able to actually spend more of your time on money-making activities.

7-Day FREE Trial

Testing and trying different apps can be a nightmare when trying to keep track of the length of each free trial and which expires when.  Not anymore.  With Ecomisoft, you’ll get a full 7-days to test out ALL of our apps in your chosen bundle, and we’ll even notify you to let you know when your trial is about to expire.  There, that’ll help you sleep like a baby at night!

Single Support Desk

No more double and triple billing for using apps on multiple stores you run.  With Ecomisoft, you can test and install any of our apps on up to 3 different stores!  Now, you won’t have to spend another second worrying about all the different apps you’re using across all of your stores.  Ecomisoft makes it easy.

Future Apps

Because we’re only offering bundles, every future app we develop will fall into one of these bundles. This means you’ll actually continue to get more value over time, and we PROMISE your monthly subscription will never go up!

Updated Features

Based on your feedback and feature requests, we will be constantly improving our apps to suit you better.  These added features and benefits of the existing apps will be automatically included for your with no additional costs.

Ecommerce Training

At Ecomisoft, we're more than just an apps company, we're your ultimate Shopify success partner. Not only do you get all the software tools you need to help your store convert at its highest level, but we give to you the top-level training you need to build a successful business.

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Get our One-Up Sells App by itself OR as Part of our Shopify Success Bundle along with all of our Training, Webinars and Workshops

7-Day FREE Trial, Then Just $97 Monthly

One-Up Sells App

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  • Top-Notch Support

7-Day FREE Trial, Then Just $29.95 Monthly

7-Day FREE Trial, Then Just $97 Monthly

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