Checking the site for vulnerabilities and protection against hacking

Hacking the site threatens a lot of problems — from leakage of important data to serious financial losses. This happens especially often in cases when the owners or administrators neglect the security rules, believing that the site will not be hacked, since it is not well-known and large enough, it is absolutely impossible.

A hacker attack can be directed at both a corporate portal and a personal blog. Therefore, it is important for owners of any type of resource to understand the principles of ensuring their safety.

In this article, we will look in detail at how you can protect a site from hacking, eliminate its vulnerabilities and what to do if it is still hacked.

What is the danger of hacking

Hacking entails a lot of problems for the owners and administrators of the resource. In such cases, it is not only about the loss of data or getting into the wrong hands of payment details.

A temporarily unavailable site can bring down long efforts on search engine promotion. Hackers are able to go further and start using the resource for criminal purposes — embed malicious code on a phishing site, advertise questionable content, send spam, etc.