The reasons for the vulnerability of the site

There are no absolute solutions to the issue of site protection. Because we are always talking not only about the technical side, but also the human factor. However, there are a number of vulnerabilities that greatly increase the risk of hacking and information leakage, regardless of the size and profile of the resource. Their elimination reduces the likelihood of a hacker attack and ensures recovery after hacking.

Do not forget that the presence of vulnerabilities on the site can cause subsequent hacking of the web server and much more serious consequences. The following points help to reduce the risk of a hacker attack for all available resources.

Software from an unreliable source

One of the most common causes of site infection is the installation of plugins or modules downloaded from a dubious resource on it. All new components added to the site — from design elements to CMS updates need to be downloaded only from official sources or equivalent in status to those.

Official sources on

For example, for the popular CMS WordPress, such a source is the official plugin repository.