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Features You Will Love

Unlimited Pages

With Funnel Buildr 2.0, you can create an unlimited number of standalone pages right on your own Shopify domain such as "Free + Shipping" offers, landing pages, lead magnets, long-form sales pages, custom review collection pages, "Teespring-style" individual product pages, custom checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, or just about any other kind of marketing page you can think of.

Awesome Integrations

Out of the box, Funnel Buildr 2.0 integrates with Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel for easy third-party tracking, as well as with Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, and Klaviyo for automated behind-the-scenes email marketing sequences, such as abandoned cart emails, purchase confirmation emails, shipping and tracking notifications, and even one-time broadcast emails.

Choice of Cart

Ever wish you could use your own customized checkout page for all your Shopify customers?  Well now you can.  With Funnel Buildr 2.0, you can choose to use the existing Shopify checkout or our own built-in, fully customizable checkout to improve conversions and decrease abandoned carts.  Our built-in cart also integrates with Stripe and Paypal to allow you to add true "one-click" post-purchase upsells in your funnels. (More payment processors being added right now!)

Full Marketing Funnels

Not only can you create an unlimited number of standalone marketing pages right on your very own Shopify domain, but you can now create full product funnels complete with landing pages > upsells > downsells > checkout pages > and a thank you page.  The best part? Because everything is actually on YOUR Shopify store, all your existing integrations, shipping settings, and fulfillment providers still work as they normally would!

Tracking & Analytics

All of the pages and funnels you create inside our all-new drag-and-drop Funnel Buildr 2.0 is fully tracked showing you detailed information about user's device, browser, and geographical information, as well as giving you stats on total and unique page views, total checkouts, and abandoned carts.  You'll quickly be able to see how your pages and funnels are doing right inside the app dash.

I've been a heavy ClickFunnels user but the problem has always been the lack of integration with Shopify. But now Funnel Buildr is everything you'll ever need to build highly profitable funnels for your Shopify store. I love the way you can easily create pre and post-order upsells and downsells. It's highly intuitive to use, and building funnels is quick and easy. If you want to crank up your sales and average order value for your Shopify store, you need this.

- Bradley Long, Founder of Shoptimized

Big fan of yours, Custom Cat, Ecomisoft for a while now. Never a waste of my time. You are so ahead of the game with Funnel Buildr, it’s mind-boggling. My partners and I have been on the inside of your competition with alpha, beta and market-ready versions, and frankly, they’re in trouble.

- Edgar Veytia,

Additional Features You Will Love

  • Ability to split test different pages in your funnel for maximizing conversions
  • Ability to add "pre-cart bump" offers to your checkout pages to maximize overall order value
  • Ability to utilize the Shopify "Buy Button" to create highly optimized individual product pages
  • Ability to create standalone pages for digital products, such as ebooks, to generate leads
  • Ability to add custom scripts to any page for extra functionality and third-party tracking
  • Ability to add Facebook comments and other social media elements
  • Ability to pull in existing Shopify product elements such as images, descriptions, and buttons
  • Ability to add awesome page elements such as pricing tables, testimonial blocks, opt-in forms, progress bars, countdown timers, and much more!

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Matt Stefanik, aka "The Lifestyle Architect," is a marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and lifelong entrepreneur. He has spoken at various marketing events around the world including in Atlanta, Cozumel, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Montreal, and London. Matt is the CEO of Ecomisoft - an ecommerce software start-up, and Co-creator of GYMRATED™ - an ecommerce fitness brand.

In 2002, Matt dropped out of college, started his own real estate business, and 15 years later is still successfully self-employed.  Matt is a husband, father of three, serial entrepreneur, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.


  • q-iconDoes Funnel Buildr 2.0 do One-Click Upsells?

    Yes! All day, ‘ere day.  You can create an unlimited number of upsell and downsells in your funnel, although that would not be advised lol.  We recommend no more than 2 upsells for cold traffic.

  • q-iconCan I Split Test the Pages in My Funnels?

    Absolutely!  When creating your funnel, just add additional pages at any stage of your funnel (for example, two landing pages) and then adjust the percentage of traffic you'd like each to receive.  The default is an even percentage.

  • q-iconHow Many Landing Page Can I Create?

    You can create an unlimited number of landing pages – there's no tiered plans and no limitations.

  • q-iconWhat Other Type of Pages Can I Create?

    Create whatever you can imagine!  Create “Free + Shipping” offers, opt-in pages, contest pages, survey pages, long-form sales pages, buffer pages, stand alone articles, full-linked blog pages, review collection pages, custom checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, “about” pages, create entire themes with multiple linked pages, footer disclaimer pages, digital download pages, thank you pages, or whatever else kind of pages you can think of that you want on your Shopify store!

  • q-iconWhat Email Service Providers Does it Work With?

    Currently, Funnel Buildr 2.0 integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, and Klaviyo.  Although, we do have a video tutorial showing you how to connect virtually any ESP you want through Zapier.  If you'd like to see us integrate with any other provider, just let us know!

  • q-iconCan I Track My Pages with the Facebook Pixel?

    Are you serious?  Of course you can! You can track every step of the way.  You can add your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics ID's right in the app settings, but you can also add custom scripts to any page for further and more accurate tracking.

  • q-iconDo You Provide Detailed Analytics for my Pages and Funnels

    Indeed! All of the pages and funnels you create are fully tracked showing you detailed information about your user's device, browser, and geographical information, as well as giving you stats on total and unique page views, total checkouts, and abandoned carts.  Need more data?  Let us know!

  • q-iconCan I Still Use the Shopify Checkout?

    If you want to, but I don't know why you would when you can create fully customized (an more optimized) checkout pages that you can also split test and tweak as much as you like.

  • q-iconDo You Have Video Tutorials Showing Me How to Use It?

    Nah, you'll figure it out.  Just playing.  Certainly we do.  Once inside our member's area, and on our public Knowledgebase you'll have video tutorials for all of our apps showing you how to install and set up our apps.  With Funnel Buildr 2.0, we'll provide many more videos showing detailed instructions for every aspect of the app and how best to set everything up.  We won't leave you hanging!

  • q-iconHow Many Stores Can I Install Funnel Buildr 2.0 On?

    As with all Ecomisoft apps, you can install Funnel Buildr 2.0 on up to 3 of your own stores without any additional cost!  Do you love me yet?

  • q-iconWhere Do I Get Support or Submit Feature Requests?

    Send us an email to and we'll automatically create a ticket for you, or you can visit our support desk at to submit a ticket directly.


  • q-iconWhat Payment Processors Does It Integrate With?

    Currently we utilize Stripe and Paypal to allow for one-click post-purchase upsells.  However, we are currently working on adding new payment processors such as NMI and more!  Rest assured, this is priority No. 1 on the development road map.

  • q-iconCan I Still Use My Other Ecomisoft Apps On My Pages?

    Currently our “One-Up Sells” app is already built-in, and of course you can use any of the products you import to your store through our “Dropshipr” app to build pages, but we've also added “Product Countdown” to add scarcity timers on your pages, “Lately” to show social proof notifications on your pages, and also “Recommendr” to show related products on your product pages, should you choose to do so.  Want to see more of our apps integrated?  Let us know!

  • q-iconWhy Am I Still Reading the FAQ's at this Point?

    I don't know.  I'm guessing you're the type that reads every word on the page and that's cool!  Thank you for getting this far, increasing our average time on site, balancing out our bounce rate, and chatting with me for awhile.  If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to send us a message on the Ecomisoft Facebook page.

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