"Revealed: New Countdown Timer Scarcity App for Shopify"

Are you ready to give your Shopify sales an instant boost, absolutely FREE?

Discover Ecomisoft's brand new app that allows you to add custom countdown timers and progress bars to any product on your Shopify store. Now you can create urgency and scarcity proven to increase sales on your store.

  • Show a progress bar, countdown timer, or both.
  • Use the default text or add your own custom text.
  • Show amount sold, inventory left, time and day a sale ends, or any custom message.
  • Best of all, you can create unique ones for each and every product!

Join Ecomisoft creators Matt Stefanik & Nick Fielding this Wednesday 7:00 PM EST for a live demo and to get your free access link to add our new countdown timer scarcity app to your store.

You'll also see our 8 other new Shopify apps AND get a sneak peak at our next 8 apps we'll be releasing in June.

Register now and you'll be automatically eligible to get our new app absolutely free, no strings attached! (app will be released live on the webinar)

DATE: Wed May 25th, 2016


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Meet the Creators of Shopify Store Pro and Ecomisoft

About Matt Stefanik

MattStefanik2.1The Lifestyle Architect™, Matt Stefanik is a marketing expert, consultant, and speaker having spoken and discussed top-level marketing strategies at various events around the world, such as London, Tokyo, Atlanta, Las Vegas, & Cozumel. He is a life-long entrepreneur that has been self-employed for more 14 years in the fields of private real estate investing and online marketing.

About Nick Fielding

Nick2Nick Fielding is an e-commerce expert having created a thriving Shopify business in under 7 months. His success is largely due to his innovative and creative marketing strategies he has developed over years of trial and error. His $54,000 single shirt case study is one reason others refer to Nick as "The Shopify Store Pro."

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