• Discover  the essential Shopify apps you'll need to implement in your store right away to ensure your store runs faster, looks great, converts better, and gives your brand the professional image it needs.
  • As much as we LOVE Shopify, it has one major drawback that anyone who's ever used it knows all too well.  This one thing is perhaps the No. 1 reason why newbies fail and give up so soon.
  • Introducing the ONLY solution that solves the major drawback of Shopify, puts more money in your pocket every month, and gets you back to focused on building your business.

Essential Shopify Apps (Video 1)


About Matt Stefanik...

The Lifestyle Architect™, Matt Stefanik is an internationally recognized marketing expert having spoken and discussed top-level marketing strategies at various events around the world, such as London, Tokyo, Atlanta, Las Vegas, & Cozumel. He is a life-long entrepreneur that has been self-employed for the past 13+ years in the fields of private real estate investing and online marketing.

About Nick Fielding...

Nick Fielding is an e-commerce expert having created a thriving Shopify business in under 7 months. His success is largely due to his innovative and creative marketing strategies he has developed over years of trial and error. His $54,000 single shirt case study is one reason others refer to Nick as "The Shopify Store Pro."

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