Intelligent image compressing without compromising image quality


Worry free automatic scheduler crawls and compresses new images daily


Bulk restore and re-optimization option so you can still access your originals

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Features and Benefits You'll LOVE!

File Size Reduction

File size reduction is by far the biggest benefit of image compression. This means the image takes up less storage space while retaining the same physical dimensions.  File size reduction works perfectly particularly for Shopify store owners that want to create, or already have, beautiful image-rich sites without hogging bandwidth.

Faster Website

Images properly optimized with compression means it takes less time for them to load on your site for your visitor to see.  This difference may be small for a few images, but adds up to significant savings when your store has hundreds and hundreds of images, which many Shopify stores do.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

According to Google, who started using site speed as an SEO ranking factor back in 2010, faster loading sites rank higher in organic search results (Source: http://pxlaftr.com/site-speed-in-search). Although our Compressr app has a built-in site speed checker, you can also check your page speed with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool: http://pxlaftr.com/page-speed.

Increase Conversion Rate

According to a recent Forbes.com article, “Web performance is user experience. Fast page load time builds trust in your site; it yields more returning visitors, more users choosing your site over a competitor’s site, and more people trusting your brand. Users expect pages to load in two seconds, and after three seconds, up to 40% of users will abandon your site.

Automatically Optimize Current Images

Once you install the Compressr app and press the start button to run the optimization engine, every existing image on your site will automatically be compressed and optimized.

Automatically Optimize New Images

After the app is already installed, every new image you add to your site will continue to be automatically optimized and compressed because of our daily scheduled crawler.

Restore original

Compressr will also store your original images for 30 days, if you wish you can restore the originals at any time.

Smaller File Size, Same Image Quality

With out Compressr app, there is no quality loss.  Every image will be exactly the same as the original. Rest assured your product mockups, photographs, or art will look as sharp and clean as the originals.


Our intelligent lossless compression engine decides the compression rate automatically to deliver the smallest possible file size without compromising image quality.

Our worry free automatic scheduler crawls and compresses new images daily so you can rest assured knowing all new products you add to your store are always optimized automatically.

With our bulk restore and re-optimization options you'll never have to worry about permanently losing or damaging your original files.  If you ever need to restore an image or all images, you can do that with a click of a button.

How it Works?

1. Install Compressr and go to its dashboard. Hit the start button and compression starts immediately.

2. Newly added images are compressed automatically thanks to our daily crawler.

3. Enjoy faster site speed, better organic search results, increased conversions, and more time to spend on actually building your business.

More Than Just Apps

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Instead of paying multiple companies at different times of the month and trying to keep track of it all, Ecomisoft’s bundle gives you peace of mind of having one low monthly fee, so you’ll be able to actually spend more of your time on money-making activities.

7-Day FREE Trial

Testing and trying different apps can be a nightmare when trying to keep track of the length of each free trial and which expires when.  Not anymore.  With Ecomisoft, you’ll get a full 7-days to test out ALL of our apps in a single bundle, and we’ll even notify you to let you know when your trial is about to expire.  There, that’ll help you sleep like a baby at night!

Single Support Desk

No more double and triple billing for using apps on multiple stores you run.  With Ecomisoft, you can test and install any of our apps on up to 3 different stores!  Now, you won’t have to spend another second worrying about all the different apps you’re using across all of your stores.  Ecomisoft makes it easy.

Future Apps

Because we only offer a bundle, every future app we develop will fall be included automatically. This means you’ll actually continue to get more value over time, and we PROMISE your monthly subscription will never go up!

Updated Features

Based on your feedback and feature requests, we will be constantly improving our apps to suit you better.  These added features and benefits of the existing apps will be automatically included for you with no additional costs.

Ecommerce Training

At Ecomisoft, we're more than just an apps company, we're your ultimate Shopify success partner. Not only do you get all the software tools you need to help your store convert at its highest level, but we give to you the top-level training you need to build a successful business.

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Every quarter (once every 3 months), we'll be hosting live, in-person, one-day workshops at various cities around the country (USA) that you can attend and get real, hands-on training to take your business to the next level. Attend one or attend them all. As long as you're a member of Ecomisoft, you're in!

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Compressr App

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7-Day FREE Trial, Then Just $97 Monthly

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