6 Ways to Use Scarcity to Boost Shopify Sales

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Scarcity can have a powerful effect on ecommerce sales. According to economics and social psychology, humans tend to place a higher value on objects that are hard to obtain or are not readily available. A 2013 study by researchers at the University of Nebraska found that retail stores that used perceived scarcity strategies caused psychological effects such as urgency to … Read More

4 Ways to Encourage Online Buying With Social Proof

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Smart online marketers and businesses are increasing the use of social proof to engage customers and increase sales conversions. It takes a lot of effort to get a visitor to your website; you must do everything possible to convert them into customers once they arrive. When used correctly social proof can be an excellent way to encourage buying and increase … Read More

3 Ways to Increase Order Value on Shopify

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Here is why you must strive to increase order value on your Shopify store: the majority of your Shopify customers will abandon their shopping cart and not complete their purchase.  Additionally, the majority of these cart abandoners will also never even return to finish the buying process! Studies by Rejoiner and the Baymard Institute show that the average abandonment rate … Read More

Dynamic Product Ads For Your Shopify Store

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Are you using Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook? Dynamic Product ads let you create relevant and timely ads on Facebook based on the products people have visited on your website or your app. These ads are best for businesses with large product catalogs who want to create personalized ads for their customers, such as Shopify store owners with multiple products. Dynamic Product … Read More