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Finally, a Shopify app for split testing product price points! Now with Ecomisoft’s “Smart Pricr” app you can run a simple split test on any of your store’s products to see which price point actually converts best.

  • Create split test campaigns for as many products you want
  • Choose the number of segments you want (normally 2)
  • Choose how much total traffic you’d like the test to include (set to 2 segments, 200 total would be 100 to each price variant)
  • Once a test finishes, you can choose between automatically selecting the best converting price, to manually select the final price, or to revert back to the original price
  • Pause, stop, or delete a test at any given point


Hypothetical Example: You add a new bracelet to your store and want to test if there’s any significant drop off in conversion between $24.95 and $29.95. With a few clicks inside the Smart Pricr app you can split as much traffic as you want between the two price points (e.g. 100 visits each).

After the test runs, you discover sales were about even so you now know you can make $5 more per sale by going with the higher price point?

Now you can test an even higher price point with $29.95 as your control to find the maximum sales price!

The best part? You can set up fast, simple test just like this on any or all of your products so you can constantly test and maximize your revenue! Never miss out on uncaptured profits again!


Real World Example: “Split testing the prices using Visual Website Optimizer, Carl found out that both conversion rates were statistically the same. Which means customers did not differentiate between the $19.95 and $29.95 price points. By A/B testing them, he made an extra 61.67% revenue from Variation over Control. If he were to compare them by looking at the conversion rates from a 1000 visitors each, the $29.95 price would still make him an extra 36.48% in revenue.”*


*Source: “Proof of why A/B testing on prices works: 60% additional revenue with ZERO effort” (


Your days of being "nickle-and-dimed" for apps is over.  Ecomisoft™ gives you the power to test and choose all the apps you want with one support desk, one development team, and from expert Shopify store owners.

Smart Pricr App is Included in the Advanced Apps Bundle

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