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Physical product sales funnels outside of Shopify are great because:

1.) there's no navigation or other distractions for your visitors so your sales conversions are often considerably better than your Shopify product pages.
2.) they're perfect for "free + shipping" offers.
3.) they're a great way to quickly and easily test new products for profitably before investing money buying in bulk.


However, there's also several big problems with building physical product funnels outside of Shopify, such as (but not limited to):

1.) you'll need to use something like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, or WordPress - each of which come with their own set of expenses.
2.) it divides your business into two separate things to be managed.

3.) there's often not much back-end automation built in like there is with Shopify - you might have separate email sequences, manual order fulfillment processes, and manual order tracking notifications for your customers!


But not any more!

Introducing, “Funnel Buildr” by Ecomisoft - the world’s first sales funnel app for Shopify.

Now you can completely get rid of your entire standalone physical product funnels, including of all that other expense, because he can now set it all up on his existing Shopify store! Plus, now everything is on the same website and completely automated.

No longer do you need to manage two separate businesses, rather a consolidated, easy-to-manage ecommerce machine complete with both multiple physical product funnels and an online storefront.

Plus, as with ALL of Ecomisoft’s apps, you can install Funnel Buildr on up to 3 different stores!

If you too want to your run lucrative physical product funnels on your Shopify store, or consolidate your existing standalone funnels, then you must get the new Funnel Buildr app by Ecomisoft.

To get the Funnel Buildr app for your store, start your 30 day free trial for an Ecomisoft Apps bundle today.


Your days of being "nickle-and-dimed" for apps is over.  Ecomisoft™ gives you the power to test and choose all the apps you want with one support desk, one development team, and from expert Shopify store owners.

Funnel Buildr App is Included in the Advanced Apps Bundle

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  • Store FAQ App
  • Supr Bar App
  • Trackit App
  • Product Countdown App
  • Bulk Editr App
  • Uploadr App
  • Funnel Buildr App
  • One-Up Sells App
  • Smart Pricr App
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