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Simple Advanced Search

Discover thousands of products from Ebay, Amazon, and Ali Express harnessing our advanced product search engine in one simple and easy to use dash. Find the products your store needs and filter by keyword, category, price, shipping destination, and shipping type.


Full Product Customization

With Dropshipr you can fully customize each product's titles, variants, and descriptions. With the product images, you can select from multiple pre-loaded product images, add some more of your own, or even replace some or all of the images with your own. This feature allows you to keep your store looking exactly the way you want and congruent across your entire site.


Create an Instant Store Catalog

With a few clicks of the mouse you can add any product from Ebaby, Amazon, and AliExpress to your import list to publish to your store. You can browse products with our in-app advanced search or directly on and import products with the free Dropshipr Chrome Extension.


Auto-Updating Product Notifications

Dropshipr monitors for any important updates regarding the products you have added to your store, such as the product price, availability of stock, variant changes, etc. You can then choose to apply the new changes to the existing products or remove them from your store all together.  In the app settings, you can also set rules to "notify me," "unpublish product," "update auotmatically," and "set quantity to zero" when a product you've added to the store price changes, is out of stock, a particular variant is out of stock, or when a variant inventory changes.


Dropshipr Chrome Extension

Our Free Chrome Extension allows you to place orders on AliExpress with an automatically filled in checkout form so you'll no longer have to copy and paste information to place orders manually. The Dropshipr Extension will take care of all of that for you. In addition, you can now import products to your shop directly from the AliExpress website.

Install Extension for Free Here: Dropshipr Chrome Extension


Built-In Affiliate System

You can now add your Amazon affiliate id as well as your Ali Express affiliate API key to earn an additional 5-8% cash back on the products you sell in your store from these two platforms in addition to mark-up you add to the price of any product.  This practice is perfectly acceptable and within TOS.


Multiple Pricing Profiles

With Dropshipr, you can create multiple pricing profiles to quickly adjust the price to any products you add to your store.  You can, of course, always adjust the price manually of any product to mark up any particular item as high as you'd like.


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