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Editing Products

With Ecomisoft's "Bulk Editr" Shopify app, you now have the ability to bulk edit your store's product inventory, prices, "compare at" prices, product type, product tags, product titles, vendor, and weight.

You can also edit any or all products in a particular collection, product of the same type, products with the same vendor, search for individual products by title or multiple products with the same word/phrase, and products matching specific tags.

Forget about ever editing products one at a time, Bulk Editr saves tons of time by allowing you to get the job done all at once.



Bulk Editr gives you the ability to find any edits you've made by the operation or by the date so you can always see your past edits.

Undo Edits! Never fear about you or a member of your team accidentally making the wrong edits because you can undo any edits by locating them in the "history" tab.


Examples of Use

  • Remove "sale" tag from all current sale items and add them to new seasonal items
  • Change product vendor on all apparel items from "The Printful" to "CustomCat"
  • Change the price on all of your women's Racerback tank tops at once
  • Raise the compare at price for all of your jewelry to show a larger discount
  • Rename all of your titles for your embroidered hats




Your days of being "nickle-and-dimed" for apps is over.  Ecomisoft™ gives you the power to test and choose all the apps you want with one support desk, one development team, and from expert Shopify store owners.

Bulk Editr App is Included in the Advanced Apps Bundle

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  • Bulk Editr App
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