Creating and saving passwords

A strong password must meet the requirements that will complicate the possibility of its selection: — it is not recommended to use personal information as passwords; — it is not necessary to exclude the possibility of hacking by familiar people; — it is necessary to include letters of different registers, numbers, special characters in a chaotic order in the password; — it is important to compose a password from a large number of characters from 8 to 30.

Passwords should not be saved in the browser, e-mail, or sent in a messenger.

You should create your own password for each resource and change it at least once a month. It is undesirable to save the password on a personal computer with an identifying signature, saving the password on a flash card is much more reliable. Regular software updates The most reliable protection is provided by the original software, which is regularly updated. It is not necessary to use “cracked” versions, as a rule, these are already outdated versions, in addition, having hacked the program, the programmer has an excellent opportunity to insert his creations there with the task he needs. No less important is the lack of developer technical support for hacked versions.