About Us

One of my wife Amy’s and my top-level goals in life is to completely change the education system by building our own school. We believe one of the greatest tragedy’s plaguing our society is wasted human potential, and at the root of all violence, hate, perversion, drug abuse, and hurt is extreme frustration. That’s all these are – manifestations of extreme frustration.

We want to help put an end to this pain and suffering by helping children understand that we’re all one, that the world is counting on them, that they have value – amazing, uniquely interesting, powerful value.

We want to help each individual child develop their unique skill set by figuring out what interests them, what excites them, what personality type they have, one brain type they have (for example, mathematical-scientist-brained people should obviously be encouraged and directed towards relative fields), etc.

We imagine a school where children understand what is really important in life, not useless rules that serve no purpose. We imagine a school where children are taught meditation, mindfulness, thought consciousness, manifesting, their divine connection to a higher self, and more.
This is our mission. Ecomisoft is a business that supports this mission. In order for us to fulfill our mission, we must first help you pursue yours.

So I ask you, what is your mission?

Why are you even doing this? Why did you start your Shopify store? What greater purpose do you wish to fulfill?

If you don’t yet know the answer to these questions, that is okay.

But I can tell you this is one of the greatest secrets of business that I share with all my personal coaching students: if you really want to drive your business forward and achieve incredible results, connect it to a worthwhile cause.

Now you know why we do what we do.

Join us.

I believe in you.

To Your Success,
Matt Stefanik, CEO

Our Team

Moin Uddin, Chief Technical Officer

My family owns a brick and mortar SME and growing up I have seen my parents working endless hours in bookkeeping, managing and operating the business. Being a software engineer my mission is to help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses so they can enjoy their life more comfortably.

Muntasir Rashid, Product Manger

Growing up in a competitive society, I have always been passionate about using equality and opportunity as a tool to fight monopoly and predatory capitalism. With my skills and love for entrepreneurship, I want to create a level playing field for small and medium business by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Mohiuddin Sarker, UI Engineer

I am deeply drawn to both beautiful design and good social causes. Because of this, my vision perfectly aligns with Ecomisoft’s mission of helping small to large business owners with beautifully designed applications that help them grow their business and pursue their dreams.

Jakir Hossain, Software Engineer

This is my first job out of university and I wanted to be a part of something amazing. Ecomisoft exceeds my expectations because it is a great company to learn, grow, enjoy a good life with my family, and enable other business owners to do the same.

Shohidul Islam, Software Engineer

I am a software engineer and published author of three poetry books. I want to pursue my career as a software engineer along with my creative passion. Ecomisoft mission and workplace culture inspires me to pursue both.

Arif Hossain, Software Engineer

I am a computer engineer and apart from making a living, I want to use my skill to bring good to this world. I have joined Ecomisoft because I believe in their mission to pursue their personal missions by helping others pursue theirs.

Abdullah Saad, Software Engineer

I like to build scalable solutions that help many others. My mission and dream is a pollution free world. Ecomisoft is changing the world of Ecommerce and their mission of pursuing their life goals by empowering others to pursue theirs is exactly what it does for me – I am able to pursue my dreams by my work at Ecomisoft that helps others pursue theirs.

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