The best Shopify stores offer customers not only great products but also an easy and informative shopping experience. These stores pay attention to the subtle details that can increase buyer confidence and improve sales.

If buyers do not have faith and trust in your store, your sales will suffer. In fact, research shows that about 51% of people abandon their shopping carts because they are uncomfortable with giving the merchant their financial information.

This is just human nature. When was the last time you purchased an item from a company or website that you didn't trust?

The good news is that there are some simple ways you can increase the confidence and trust that buyers have in your Shopify store. The great thing about these tactics is that they also help to reduce support tickets. Support tickets are a valuable customer service tool, but can take a considerable amount of time, and even force you to hire a dedicated support person to respond to them. When running a successful store focusing your time on tasks that increase sales and reduce expenses is imperative. Mitigating the number of support tickets you receive is one way to help your business significantly.

Here are the top 5 ways to reduce support tickets and increase buyer confidence:
1. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section

A FAQs section provides your customers with answers to common questions and gives them more information about your store, products, and processes.

How important is it?

Coleman Parkes conducted a survey of almost 3,000 online customers, and an overwhelming 91% stated they would use an online knowledge base or FAQs section for answers if it were available and met their needs. However, only 37% of those same people bother using current FAQs sections as a self-service option because they think they are inaccurate or incomplete.
When you give buyers the answers to their questions up front, they feel more comfortable and are less likely to create tickets now or in the future. As you can see from the research, it is not enough to just have a FAQs section. It has to be complete and informative.

Ecomisoft provides a great app, called “Store FAQ,” for creating simple but powerful FAQ sections. The app is convenient because it is:
Fully Customizable: It is super easy to customize the app to match your current site or style.

Accordion or Expanded by Default: You can choose the method you believe is more convenient for your customers.

Mobile Responsive Design: An increasing number of people are browsing the internet from their mobile devices every day, and you need to make it convenient for them view your store. Being mobile responsive is a business essential.
Easy Installation: The installation can be completed quickly in just two simple steps.


2. Provide Social Proof

90% of people say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, and for good reason. According to marketing legend Dan Kennedy, what other people say about your business, product, or service is at least a thousand times more convincing than what you say, even if you are two thousand times more eloquent. People want to know what other people think about your business.

Featuring customer testimonials is one way to provide this type of social proof. These testimonials can be featured with text but many site owners are taking it a step further and now providing pictures of actual customers with their wares and even video testimonials. These are by far more compelling and very simple to acquire in the age of Instagram and YouTube.

Another tactic is to have an “In The News” or “Press” section on your website with links to times you are mentioned in the media or on other websites. If you are lucky enough to be featured in any well-known media outlets, you can also put these company's logos on your home page. This is an excellent way to build trust, and something even Shopify does on their homepage.


3. Prove Your Site is Secure

Online shoppers usually know how to tell whether or not a site is secure. If they are not sure, or there is any doubt, they will not give you their information. Consumers have been trained to look for things like the small padlock symbol in the browser that means a website is secure.

Shopify provides a display notice automatically upon checkout to let customers know they are using a secure server. This is something you should point to before they even get that far by including it in your FAQs section and other areas of your website. It is never too early to start building trust and letting buyers know that your site is safe and secure.

Trust badges are also crucial for displaying your site's trustworthiness.


4. Allow Customers to Track Packages

In this current age of technology, customers want to be able to follow their packages online every step of the way. One great thing about Shopify is that the ability to email your customers tracking numbers after fulfilling their orders is already built in. But what if an order is taking longer to fulfill than your customer expects? Your customer is going to come looking for answers.

Fortunately, Ecomisoft has a convenient solution for this with their “Trackit” app. This app allows customers to track their packages so they do not have to create a ticket to locate their purchases. They also will have more trust in your processes knowing how transparent your shipping systems are. Make sure that you communicate this option to your customers up front to help build trust.

The Trackit app is great because it:

  • Comes with preloaded settings
  • Is fully customizable
  • Allows single and multiple order lookup options
  • Has built in Google Maps embedding
  • Contains clickable tracking links and tracking numbers for every order


5. Give Your Store a Personal Touch
In the end, people do not trust websites, they trust people. You need to be as transparent as possible. You should make every attempt to give your store a human factor. You should create an “About Us” page that has information about the people behind the business as well as the company itself. People connect with stories, so this is a great place to tell your personal story. Photos are great as well. Anything that adds personality and lets customers know that there are real people behind the website and business. Do not underestimate the power of giving your store a more personal touch.
When you implement these 5 elements into your Shopify store you will be able to build more confidence with buyers and reduce your support ticket requests. Remember, Ecomisoft has great solutions for your Shopify store at an affordable monthly price. Overhead can kill business so reducing ongoing costs for your store is critical.

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